Retul Professional Bike Fitting

Our purpose-built Retül Fit studio at our Specialized Concept Store in Nottingham offers a professional bike fitting service.  We are one of a select group of UK retailers offering the Retül three-dimensional data motion capture system on a Retül Müve dynamic fit bike. Retül Bike Fit is the key to increased comfort, injury prevention and improved performance.

Retül Fit is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider. Using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimetre of distance, providing you and the fitter with essential data based on the rider's needs and limitations.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of fully certified, dedicated clinical bike fitters have many years of experience working with riders of all types, from beginners to pro riders. They are qualified in many aspects of bike fitting and using their experience can offer a personalized approach to your bike fit needs, whether it’s using the latest 3d motion capture data, or a more traditional hands-on approach.

The Bike Fit Process


Step 1

We focus on you, not the bike. We initially undertake a full rider assessment to understand your body's connection with the bike, what your needs are, movement limitations, past injuries, and health. Only then can we best advice on the process going forward. This will involve a physical assessment off the bike to build a picture of your muscular/skeletal strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2

Any bike fit begins at the foot, we perform a detailed analysis of your feet which goes towards any shoe and pedal set up carried out during the process. This is the foundation for comfort and performance.


Step 3

Ride analysis. We then need to see you riding. We can gain a great amount of information from seeing your current ride position and from there, using a mix of experience motion capture technology we can make corrections using our 3D Retül Vantage system. While you ride, the system will capture, in real time your ride motion to within 1mm of accuracy. Saddle height and type, saddle fore/aft, crank length, stem length and bar width are all monitored and adjusted accordingly to improve your comfort, efficiency to fatigue less, optimise your position within your limitations and add power. 

Step 4

At the conclusion of the bike fit, your position will be digitally measured to create a ride position bespoke to you. Together with this you will leave in the comfort knowing that the bike, saddle, shoes including any footbed needs are all taken care of to allow you to start enjoying your riding once more. All this information will be detailed in a PDF report and emailed to you. The report contains the bike measurements, as well as the data on your riding needs and goals together with shoe and saddle set up notes. All this information can be transferred to other bikes too.


Step 5

Follow up. It is necessary for you to become familiar with any adjustments made. So, all our bike fits include a free 3-month check-up to maintain your riding goals going forward. We are also here to answer any questions you may have in that time and provide guidance for the future going forward. 

Our Services

Data. Personalized. Retül 3D motion capture bike fit is a fully immersive experience to make you more comfortable, efficient, and set out to prevent injury. Full rider assessment. Shoe and saddle set up included. Motion capture data driven for complete accuracy of your riding position. Full pdf report and follow up session included. 

Clinical, holistic approach to bike fitting ideal for the occasional rider or if you are wanting to confirm your bike size prior to ordering. Full rider assessment. Shoe and saddle set up included. Full pdf report. 

The key to more comfort, fewer injuries, and higher power output comes from a combination of the proper shoes and footbeds. Our custom footbed will keep your pedal stroke stabilized and aligned for power, comfort, and your most efficient ride yet. Fully custom moulded footbed inserts tailored to your specific needs. 

Ideal for the rider wanting to confirm a bike size prior to purchase. We use our Retül Müve bike to get your frame size and components right, making the adjustments necessary for your comfort. Size pdf report included. 

The foundation of any rider is having the correct shoe to pedal connection. We will assess your feet and shoes, adjusting as necessary for you to be more comfortable and stable in the foot. We have a wide range of cleat options available if replacements are required during the session.

Saddle comfort is the Holy Grail for any rider, and we all experience some saddle discomfort from time to time. Let us take the stress away by correctly measuring your sit bone, take an image of your pelvic rotation on your current bike, and aligning you with the correct size and type of saddle you need.

Booking Enquiries

Retül Bike Fit is available at our dedicated Retül Fit Studio within our Specialized Concept Store, Nottingham. If you want to find out more about Retül bike fitting or book a bike fit service, please contact the store team directly.

Our Bike Fitting Team

Uldis Karklins

Expert Bike Fitter
Rutland Cycling, Peterborough

Road Cycling expert Uldis has cycled for Latvia and is a UCI elite cyclist. Uldis has joined us to bring even more high-level experience to the Rutland team, having worked in some of London's big name brand stores and road cycling specialists. A bike fit session with Uldis allows you to benefit from his profound road experience and hours in the saddle to get maximum comfort and optimum performance on your bike.

Phil Craddock

Expert Bike Fitter
Specialized Concept Store, Nottingham

As a member of the International Bike Fitting Institute, Phil has extensive experience of bike fit from complete beginner to pro rider, helping riders with a range of issues from injury prevention, stability, comfort, and performance. As a keen road rider having 30+ years' experience of road, track and TT racing to national level Phil draws on his skills and experience to empower riders, improving performance and comfort and helping them to ride further and enjoy their cycling more.


Sian H

"I had a 3hr bike fit with Phil a week ago. Going into it I had no idea how he was going to fill 3hrs, but I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the approach. Lots of focus on collecting data to measure my body and bike, then analysing it before making recommendations on the best changes to make. My new seat is a complete revelation. So much more comfortable. I never thought bike riding could be a comfortable experience. Great to see via the video how the changes he has made has changed my ride position. Been out on a couple of rides since the fitting and pleased to say the changes have felt good. Great service. Would recommend it to others hoping for a more comfortable ride experience."

Paul C

"Had a bike fit with Phil in the Nottingham store and would strongly recommend it for any level of cyclist. I Was very impressed at the knowledge and understanding of Phil and the use of the technology to maximise the comfort on the bike. I was suffering with pain in various areas after reasonably short rides of up to 50miles but last week managed my first century with none of the pains I took into the bike fit with me. I plan to keep coming back!"

Mark H

"Great experience and service. Having ridden to feel for 10 years I decided it was time to have a bike fit. Phil expertly assessed, measured, and then adjusted my bike. I look forward to putting the new settings to the test. Wish I'd had a fit years ago. A great guy with loads of expertise and tips to pass on. I'm sure it's going to be a great investment."