How to Install Pedals

Ride a little too hard this weekend? Shrug off that Manic Monday and make it a Mechanic Monday; your source for basic fix-it bits and maintenance tips. After all, your next ride is quickly approaching!

Opposite Threading

Whether you’re installing your fist pair of clipless pedals or removing them for travel, it’s important to know that pedals are oppositely threaded. This means that the right pedal (drive side) is threaded normal (left loosey, right tighty) while the left pedal is opposite of that (lefty tighty, righty loosey.) Knowing this will save you the mystery of wondering why your left pedal won’t thread, and also prevent you from severely tightening the left side on accident when trying to remove it. Most pedals are marked with an “R” and an “L” to make it easy to identify the corresponding sides. If you’re installing, all you’ll need is the proper wrench size and some basic bike grease, and if you’re removing, you’ll only need the wrench. Watch as our head shop mechanic Seth, demonstrates how to properly install pedals.

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