What is an e-bike?

Electric bikes or e-bikes are a great way to get a bit of extra help on your commute or hill ride and believe it or not, they’re not a new invention.

The first documented e-bike dates back to 1895 when the first patent for a battery powered bicycle was submitted in the US. The concept is quite simple; a traditional pedal powered bike is assisted by an electric, battery powered motor. Modern electric bikes have dramatically improved since their first incarnations, with a wide range of manufacturers offering superior technology such as companion apps and diagnostics systems to help you maintain efficiency and range, accompanied by a computer control on the handlebars.

The motorised parts of an ebike are able to be adjusted via controls to give you different levels of assistance depending on what you need. Of course, you can simply turn off the electric motor and ride it like a standard bike.

E-bikes, also known as pedelecs, help you reduce effort by providing assistance with the heavy work. The term ‘electric-assist’ often used in product descriptions, relates to the ‘assistance’ the electric motor gives you with every stroke of the pedal. You’re still doing the work, but the electric motor is making it easier. In many cases, it can help you gain speed much faster too.

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What is an e-bike?

Which e-bike is right for me?

E-bikes are a great way of improving your fitness, especially if you’re not used to riding long distances or aren’t able to put out the same power as you grow older. Perhaps you’ve sustained an injury at some point or are just generally not as fit as you used to be (it happens to us all!).

Because you’re sharing the work and not relying completely on the motorised element, you’re still getting exercise, but at a level you can adjust (on some models).

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Types of E Bike

Benefits of riding an e-bike

Easy Ride

One of the biggest benefits of having an e-bike is that it can help take the strain off your legs while riding steep hills or give you a little extra help on longer distances, making the ride much less effort.


We all know traditional bikes are the most eco-friendly mode of transport, but e-bikes aren’t far off either. Batteries are rechargeable, there are zero emissions and they are the perfect solution for low-emission zones compared to petrol power.

Easy Commute

Riding to work just got easier! With initiatives like the cycle to work scheme, there has been a huge spike in the number of people opting to bike to work, but not everyone wants to work up a sweat right before they get there. Electric bikes can help you avoid the early morning burn-out.


>The prices of e-bikes aren’t as expensive as you think and are a great investment with very little charging cost compared to the soaring prices of filling a motor vehicle up. In addition to this, there are 0% finance options available to help you spread the cost.

Long Range

Each manufacturer will quote different ranges for their e-bike battery, but ultimately it depends on many different factors - your riding style, terrain, outside temperature. Typically you’d expect to see a minimum range of 40 miles from a new, fully charged battery. This is great for tackling trails you’d have normally put off!

How do e-bikes work?

Each stroke of the pedal is assisted by the electric motor, reducing the total effort required by the rider to move off and get up to speed. The bike doesn’t pedal itself unfortunately, which makes it stand out from the growing range of electric-powered vehicles available.

A sensor on the bike registers when the pedals are being turned and power is provided from brushless motors.

The amount of assistance you receive from the motor is determined by the settings you choose. The whole system is controlled by a cycle computer usually mounted on the handlebar.

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How e-bikes work

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